Robert Plant, circa 1995 wearing Abdel Halim Hafez shirt.

Abdel Halim Hafez is one of the most popular Egyptian and Arab singers. The shirt has his picture printed on it, in addition to the lyrics of his song 'Hawel Teftkerny'.

“The first day I walked in the studio, I noticed that Robert Plant was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Oum Kalthoum on the front. She was one of the most famous female Egyptian singers ever. When we said hello, I asked him about whether he knew who that singer on his t-shirt was. His reply was, “Yes, it’s Oum kalthoum.” Then he said to me, “Do you know who I think is the best singer I’ve ever heard?” I said, “Who?” and he replied, “Abdel Halim Harfez. I think he’s got the best voice I’ve ever heard.” I couldn’t believe Robert Plant said that! That is my favourite singer too! This year, that singer won an award for best vocal voice. You wouldn’t think that someone like Plant would say something like that when he himself is so famous for his own voice. I went back to my country and told everyone about how said Robert Plant said Abdel Halim Hafez has the best voice in the world. “Farouk El Safi, Egyptian musician who received platinum disc for appearing as the Daf and Bendir (Arabic drumming) player on Kashmir from the live album No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded.

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20 places that don’t look real (part1)

1.Bamboo Forest-China

2.Black forest-Germany

3.Fields of tea-China

4.Hang son doong-vietnam

5.Hitachi seaside park-japan

6.Lake hillier-Australia

7.Lake retba-Sengal

8.Antelope canyon-USA

9.Lavender fields-France

10.Mendenhall icecaves-Alaska

it looks like irl dr seuss

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