What are the things that prove creativity of Tamil people?

Kollam - The Legacy that lives forever .. #Kollam #Tamilnadu

Answer by Sharanya Sunderamoorthy:

Nice troll question..and wonderful answers here..would like to add mine too.


have you visited any house in tamil nadu, be it from an urban or a rural area or any tamil family living in your area….if you would have ,then you wouldn’t have posted this question..We welcome our guests with the  display of  our creativity…we have a huge art form called 'KOLAM ' …By asking this question you managed to insult the entire population of women across Tamil Nadu..

The women who draw these Kolams are not trained artist, most of them housewives and few of them even illiterate…even if they don’t know to read or write they are extremely artful when it comes to kolams….40 years back if a girl dint know how to draw a kolam it was hard for her to survive in her in laws place ,thats the importance the family placed for creativity..

Kolam is a form of drawing ,drawn with rice powder ,chalk powder …in villages still rice powder is used-they use it to display their creativity at the same time to feed the ants/birds ,it is said these ants after feeding on the rice flour on kolam will bless the families..Its a form of blessing to the family..millions of women all over tamil nadu ,wake up early morning and spend hours together in drawing these kolams….some of the works are so stunning and beyond words…you will feel guilty for letting your two wheeler run past them..

There is also a science behind each of these lines,they keep up the perfect symmetry and ward off evil ..Now a days kolams are used in computer anthropology and the algorithim of kolams are used in the computer softwares for picture drawing..

 The celebration for kolam ‘s,reaches its peak in the month of December ,where even in very very remote villages ,people compete among themselves to give their best..

These kolams are empirical art forms that have been passed down the generations…each family makes sure the girls in the family know this art…well, my mom makes it a point that I a draw at least a small design in front of my house in every auspicious occasions ,and I totally love drawing them ,its only because of time constraint I am limiting myself to auspicious occasions… ,if I am at home for a holiday ,its a must that my sister or myself we should draw a good kolam in front of our house..if not both my parents will be super pissed off with us..And my grand mother would have disowned me if she finds out that I am not doing this every day..thats the importance the families give to this  art forms

Pic taken at a kolam competition ,in mylapore ,chennai

Kolam drawn in front of Parthasarathy temple..

This pic was taken from a Kolam contest in Coimbatore (tamil nadu )…where the participants tried creating a guiness book of world records)


Kolam competitions at schools ,which are an integral part of cultural festivals..

Kolams with vilaku (diyas/lamp) during the festival of karthigai deepam ,where the kolams are decorated with lamps.

even in front of a simple house ,you will find grand kolams in tamil nadu

A modern art with kolam as the theme…

Kolam is not a withering art…It is very much alive and in practice..and thanks to each an every women across the state ,who wake up very early  every morning ,just to keep this art alive….kuddos to them..
we have a lot of books on kolams ,any book shop in tamil nadu you walk into there will def be books for kolam designs..

Read also,

for all those who want to learn the art of kolam ,check out these blogs…
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Kolangal: Kolam No.173
Rangoli designs and kolams.

Edit :sorry I forgot to add this


Have you ever heard of kancheepuram pattu ?
Kancheevaram sarees are world famous..they are hand woven by people around kancheepuram (a small town near chennai )..they are known for their fine texture and longevity , creative designs and wonderful colours…
They are traditionally worn during marriages and inportant ceremonies
There is a particular community ,who weave these mind blowing sarees and each and every saree that comes out is hand woven and hand crafted….the area they have settled is called ‘pattu nagar’ and there are almost 500 small industries dedicated for this..no matter in which part of the world the show room for kancheepuram sarees is located ,the manufacturing unit for all the pattu sarees is located here..

Tradition made trendy -embroidered kancheepuram sarees

Is this enough ?..or should I post some more
so next time you post some question ,do a bit of research..

also check out Amritha Shyam ‘s answer on the wonderful and unsung art of tile making in tamil nadu

and Ramesh RN ‘s answer where he brings out the beauty of Tanjore painting…
What are the things that prove creativity of Tamil people?

What can I learn right now in just 10 minutes that could be useful for the rest of my life?

Awesome Life Hacks :)

Answer by Vishal Gala:

1. Make a CD case from paper

2. Use a dustpan fill to contain water

3. When writing an email, leave the recipient email field blank until you’re ready to send it. This prevents accidental emails.

4. An easy way to estimate the conversion of Fahrenheit to Celsius is to subtract 30, then halve the number. If you’re converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, you double the number, then add 30.
This trick apparently doesn’t work as well with high temperatures.

5 .Use bread tags to keep flip flops from coming apart.

6. Cut round sandwich fillings in half to make sure they cover the whole surface of the bread.

7. If the price of a product you bought on Amazon drops in the next seven days, you’re allowed to get a refund on the price drop.

8. Instead of always telling your child what to do, give them two options with the same outcome to prevent the headache of having them refuse the task. For example, instead of telling them to put on their pajamas for bed, ask them which pajamas they would want to wear to bed tonight. This works well because kids love having control over what they are doing.

9. If you haven’t been keeping up with current events but want to, then search [month][year] in Wikipedia to see the major world news during that time period. It also works for just the year alone.

10. Remove Tourists From Travel Photos

11. If the wind keeps blowing out your match or lighter, then light your fire with a trick candle. It relights itself when it gets blown out.

12. Simply mount a container onto the front of your two-wheeler to create a handy bike basket. Kitty litter optional.

13. When you don’t have a lock to keep your luggage zippers from separating, a paper clip will get the job done just as well, so you can jet off without any worries.

14. In need of a sound system? Make DIY speakers for your smartphone by placing it into a plastic, paper, or glass cup for some extra volume.
What can I learn right now in just 10 minutes that could be useful for the rest of my life?

What should everyone know about Yoga?

You should know about Yoga … and here it is what you should know ..

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

In Hinduism, Yoga is far beyond just flexing your body in a fancy studio. Yoga is a way of life that leads to liberation (nirvana or mukthi). In a broad way, there are 4 main types of Yoga in Hinduism - each path being a unique approach to achieving liberation.  

  • Jnana Yoga - achieving liberation through the development of the mind by accumulating knowledge and sharpening wisdom. This deals with the philosophical & scientific aspects of universe.
  • Karma Yoga - achieving liberation by doing your duties and following your passion the best way possible. The key to karma, is to follow the passion to do the good stuff (from starting your business to running your country to just being a good worker) without expecting the result. Because, according to karma philosophy, you will ultimately get what your work deserves.
  • Raja Yoga - this is methodically following a series of exercises to achieve liberation. Practically speaking, yoga means Raja yoga and I will explain it in detail. 
  • Bhakti Yoga this is the religious part of Hinduism where it deals with gods, temples and worship. This part is a lot like Christianity.

Unlike other religions, Bhakti Yoga (following God or gods) is just one part of Hinduism. It is totally ok to not follow any God and follow any of the other 3 paths to achieve liberation. This option is the reason why outsiders are often confused with Hinduism.

Raja Yoga (when term yoga is used without any adjective, it is Raja Yoga) has 8 main components to be followed in order.
  1. Yama - this is the moral aspect of Hinduism. It comprises of Satya (being truthful and honest), ahimsa (not doing any harm to anybody), aparigraha (not coveting anybody’s wealth). Essentially it means be good. Unless you are good, your mind will wander in guilt when you meditate.
  2. Niyama - this is the one that deals with all the duties. It deals with cleanliness, and all the duties you have to do to support the world around you (including your parents, animals around you and your society at large). Essentially it means do good things. “Doing” keeps you active and keep you in harmony. 
  3. Asana - Now we are getting to physical aspect of Yoga. This includes 100s of asanas (postures) that keeps your body healthy and glands maintained correct. Essentially it means stay healthy. Unless you are healthy, your mind will wander due to pain & sickness.

  4. Pranayama - This is the breathe control part of Yoga. In Hinduism, controlling and organizing breath patterns is considered the essential part of mastering the mind.
  5. Prathyahara - This is the part that deals with taking your senses away from the other objects. You could find a quiet place to sit and “meditate” without being disturbed by the world around you.
  6. Dharana - This is intense focus on a particular object that improves concentration. The purpose of this exercise is to have the mind focus on only one thing at a time.
  7. Dhyana - At this point, you are not focusing anything and let your mind find a way on its own. This is intense meditation.
  8. Samadhi - This is the point of complete liberation.

Yoga philsophy of Hinduism is thus all about mastering mind to achieving liberation. In Raja yoga it puts up paths to be followed in order to make the mind in harmony and if you think about it, it is very practical.
What should everyone know about Yoga?

How should I explain dynamic programming to a 4-year-old?

Answer by Jonathan Paulson:

*writes down “1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 =” on a sheet of paper*
"What’s that equal to?"
*counting* “Eight!”
*writes down another “1+” on the left*
"What about that?"
*quickly* “Nine!”
"How’d you know it was nine so fast?"
"You just added one more"
"So you didn’t need to recount because you remembered there were eight! Dynamic Programming is just a fancy way to say ‘remembering stuff to save time later’”
How should I explain dynamic programming to a 4-year-old?

What are the ways to utilize 6 months to build skill-set to get hired at Facebook or Google?

Answer by Rick Viscomi:

I completely understand how you’re feeling. I graduated about three years ago with a BS in Computer Science and the only thing I wanted to do was work for Google. Before I graduated, I did well on a phone interview and was invited to interview on-site at YouTube for a Software Engineer position. I did the interview, walked out feeling great about my performance, and not too long after I got the dreaded rejection message. It took a long time and a lot of reflection to realize what went wrong.

It was my very first on-site technical interview. I literally had zero experience with it. Thinking back, I did everything embarrassingly wrong.

Get solid interview experience. Interviewing itself is a skill, and you don’t want to be honing that skill when it matters most. The more you interview, the more comfortable you will get. Everything else will follow when you just chill out and convey your thoughts clearly.

Think about how you’ll answer the generic “tell me a little about yourself” question. After many many interviews, I finally learned that this question is less about me and more about the interviewer. Frame your answer around what they’re looking to see from you (hint: brevity and relevance to the job). Make your pitch and sell it.

A year later, with more interview experience, I reapplied for the same position in a different office. Again, I did well on the phone interviews and got invited on-site.

I spent the next two weeks with a whiteboard and textbooks trying to sharpen my skills. Hours into the night I’d work on algorithms and data structures, trying not to make the same mistakes.

I came in to the interview and gave it everything I had. I was proud of myself for studying so hard and answering the tough questions. But again, I got rejected.

Wield your passions as strengths. This is one of the most important things I learned on my way to joining Google.

What did I do wrong? I interviewed for the wrong job. Like you, I’m very passionate about web development. I thought that with my CS degree, my natural career path was software engineering. I was forcing myself to become a developer that would program in C++ or Java everyday when my interests were actually in the front-end technologies like HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

I took this as a sign that I needed to realign my focus on web development and make that my career path. I read professional blogs, bought books, attended meetups; anything to learn more and become a better web developer.

A year later, I applied to the same office as last time, but for the position of User Interface Engineer. Again, I did well on the phone interviews and got invited on-site. My recruiter told me that he almost never sees anyone invited back for a third on-site interview.

Again, I studied for weeks, did the interviews, felt like I knocked them out of the park, and at the end of the day my interviewer came back in to wrap up and handed me a Google mug “for completing my third on-site interview”, like a trophy. Well, it turned out to be more of a consolation prize because again, I got my third rejection.

At this point several things happened. I wanted to give up. I wanted to change careers. Instead, I stopped focusing on getting one job at one place and I focused on self-improvement. I’ll never know exactly what went wrong in the interviews or how I could have answered better. It doesn’t matter anymore. I need to make the best of what I’ve got.

I made two figurative career-changing decisions: I started working on open source projects in areas that I care about and I also tried to learn everything possible about web performance optimizations. Through the meetups that I was already attending, I chose to stick with the New York Web Performance Meetup Group. I changed jobs to one that focused specifically on web performance, I got a speaking opportunity at the NY meetup group, and as a result I was offered a speaking opportunity at the mother of web performance conferences (Velocity). Things were great.

Maintain a healthy amount of optimistic persistence.

Out of the blue, I got an email from my very first recruiter from YouTube. A position opened up for a web developer, for which she thought I was a good fit. I pursued the opportunity, took the phone interview, and advanced to the on-site round.

I was back in California and went through the familiar gauntlet of tough questions. Like the three times before, there was one interview of the five that I really wished I had done better. Like a rerun, I’ve seen this play out a few times before and so I started to get worried.

Contrary to my anxiety and the emerging pattern of rejection, I actually got the job.

So, for anyone chasing their dream job:

  1. Don’t rush into it. Do a hundred interviews for jobs you may not even want to prepare you for the one you actually want. Learn to sell yourself before you try to sell your technical skills.
  2. Find your niche. Identify how you can best give back to the company. Hone your technical skills and do everything you can with what you’ve got to keep learning and push your career forward.
  3. Don’t give up on it. Put yourself on a trajectory that leads to your success and ride it out.
What are the ways to utilize 6 months to build skill-set to get hired at Facebook or Google?

What can I learn right now in just 10 minutes that could be useful for the rest of my life?

Answer by Gaurav Ojha:

De-seeding a pomegranate:

Step 1:
Cut it in half this way -

And make sure its not this way -

Step 2:
Hold it in your hand like this -

And now tap hard on the other surface using something wooden, I used a rolling pin -

Like this -

Step 3:
Done! All the seeds will be out in just 10-20 strong taps across the outer surface!

I just demonstrated this to my mom and she was totally awestruck!
What can I learn right now in just 10 minutes that could be useful for the rest of my life?

When people in their 30s, 40s, and older look back on their life, what are some common regrets they have?

Answer by James Altucher:

Everyone wants to know what dead people say right before they die. Words maybe infused with speckles of a heaven.

Beethoven supposedly said on his deathbed, “Friends applaud!  the comedy is finished!”

Lou Costello said, “This was the best ice cream soda I ever tasted.”
Similar is, “What are common regrets of people in their 30s and 40s?”

Can they be avoided if known?

Here are my regrets. And they can be summed up by the word: “Don’t”.

Buy experiences. A thing is a house. An experience is a trip.

An experience is a visit to that girl or guy on the other side of the world who said, “maybe”.

An experience is an invitation to meaning instead of material.


You think you have time to get out of it. But you don’t.

And then it happens. And then it’s too late. And then it’s something you did. You were the target and you got shot.

A black ink stamp leaving it’s mark on your wrist. You went to the party and the next day, all blurry and inky, it shows and everyone can see.


Nobody is more worthy of love in the entire universe than you. I wish I had reminded myself of that more.

I could’ve saved all of that time where I was trying to please someone else.

Money you lose you can always make back. But even five minutes of time lost is gone forever.


These people are magnets of love. They’ve sucked all the love out of the room so when you walk in, it’s already too late, you’re past that zone in the black hole where nothing ever gets out and nobody ever knows what’s there. It’s lost in space and time.

When I’ve fallen in love with someone who was in love with someone else, only pieces of me have ever survived. And even then I had to put those pieces back together into the tinkertoy robot that became me for a long time.


And to that I can only say, I’m sorry to that one girl.


I don’t mean run to a goal or a destination. There are no goals and you realize this around the age of 30 or so.

I mean just “run”. You build up your blood vessels. More oxygen gets to the brain. You get smarter. Life is better.

And you’ll see more in life than the people who are walking. Who take their time failing. Who take their time falling for others. Who take their time while waiting for the right moment.

Waiting for the right weather, the right coordinates, the right person, to drop anchor.

There’s never a right moment. So just run to get there.


Who is “them”? What are they saying “yes” to? What do you think will happen after the wait is over?

Yes. That’s my point. All of the answers to these questions are lesser versions of what happens if you don’t wait so I’ll say it again. “Don’t wait for them to say yes”.

Say yes to yourself first and everyone will say yes later.


It seems small. But a million paper clips in life add up to what you are, a mishmash of twisted metal. 

Be honest. Honesty compounds until your word becomes The Word.
Try it and see.


And by “food” I mean McRibs. But also I mean the news. And dramas that kill lots of people.

And coworkers who gossip in the hallway, everyone trying to pull everyone else down.

And family who yells at you only because you have become the piano they play their own anguish on.

And late nights with the girl who smiles but you know it will never work.

At 20, life can either compound into beauty or into insanity. This is the “don’t” that forks into both.

It may look like these are regrets. But they are just tattoos that live on me right now. The illustrated man at the circus.

Don’t time travel into the past, roaming through the nuances as if they can change. Don’t bookmark pages you’ve already read.

Today it starts all over again. Every tomorrow is determined by every today.
When people in their 30s, 40s, and older look back on their life, what are some common regrets they have?

What are the numbers that every computer engineer should know, according to Jeff Dean?

Answer by Jeff Hammerbacher:

  • L1 cache reference: 0.5 ns
  • Branch mispredict: 5 ns
  • L2 cache reference: 7 ns
  • Mutex lock/unlock: 100 ns
  • Main memory reference: 100 ns
  • Compress 1K bytes with Zippy: 10,000 ns
  • Send 2K bytes over 1 Gbps network: 20,000 ns
  • Read 1 MB sequentially from memory: 250,000 ns
  • Round trip within same datacenter: 500,000 ns
  • Disk seek: 10,000,000 ns
  • Read 1 MB sequentially from network: 10,000,000 ns
  • Read 1 MB sequentially from disk: 30,000,000 ns
  • Send packet CA->Netherlands->CA: 150,000,000 ns

(note that 1 ns = 1 * 10^-9 s)

Also note that these numbers have been updated by others, e.g. http://colin-scott.github.com/bl…
What are the numbers that every computer engineer should know, according to Jeff Dean?

What are some mind-blowing facts about Google?

Answer by Arnav Guha:

New Google Maps are awesome:
  1. Open Google Maps and enable new maps (if you haven’t yet).
  2. Zoom out till you can.
  3. Click on satellite view on the bottom left corner box.

You will see Earth like this:

You can see real time Earth shadow, the shadowed part of Earth is actually dark at the particular moment you are seeing.
The lights as indicated by smaller arrow are the actual glow of city street light (not real time though).

Zoom in by two mouse scrolls:

Those cloud cover are actual! And in real time!

Isn’t it incredible? Godly view of earth? Real time!

To verify, I am also uploading the satellite image at the concurrent time from the meteorological dept. of India.
  • You can see milky way in the back ground when fully zoomed out
  • Relative position of Sun and Moon
  • Forest cover (greenery) and deserts
  • Ocean trenches
What are some mind-blowing facts about Google?

What are the ten things you like about your husband/wife?

Answer by Ellen Vrana:

It’s the little things:

1. When we stay in hotels he goes around and checks the lights and lets the front desk know immediately if any light-bulbs are out in the room. He feels it’s his duty.

2. He hates snakes and screams in a falsetto if I say “snake.”

3. He quotes movies that no one ever quotes, like Hot Shots! Part Deux and Meet Joe Black. And he’ll just quote one word, his favorite is “Yes!” (That’s from Meet Joe Black.)

4. He has a pair of socks that say “right” and “left” and he laughs uncontrollably when he puts them on the wrong feet. Accidentally or on purpose.

5. When he gets agitated or animated he pulls in his arms and gestures his arms like a T. Rex. It’s hard to take him seriously.

6. He starts every, single phone call with “Yeah, hi.” Put him on the phone with Jesus:”Yeah, hi Jesus.”

7. He is crazy flexible, like, creepily so. But he has no balance and often falls over when he’s standing still. He doesn’t know this is not normal, and I haven’t told him. Sometimes I fall over to make him feel better.

8. It takes him a half-hour to clip his toenails and it is straight out of a horror movie.  CLIP………..CLIP……….CLIP………CLIP. Just when you think he’s fin.. CLIP!…..  Ahhhhhh!  I think he has toes he’s not telling me about.

9.  As soon as he gets home from work he shouts “Hi!!! Ellen? Ellen? Hi!!” and will keep saying some variation of “Hi” and “Ellen” until I answer him. Sometimes I hide just to see if he’ll keep going. He does.

10. He just went to Portugal brought me back a bag of Crispy M&M’s, which are my absolute favorite candy and impossible to find in the UK.  Then he told me that he bought me 2 bags, but had eaten one of them. Because he cannot lie to me.

Just one bag. So sad. It didn’t have to be this way…

Extra Credit: When my *extremely* extroverted mother-in-law visited for 10 days he bought me noise-cancelling headphones. BUT he made HER buy them at the U.S. airport and bring them over. I asked him if he thought she’d be offended and he said “Yeah, but we saved like 50 bucks buying them in the U.S.”

I always say to love someone truly is to see their foibles and to love them anyway. So it’s these kind of things that remind me how much I love him.
What are the ten things you like about your husband/wife?

What is the greatest gift that a parent can give to their children?

Answer by Barbie Giri:

This might not be the greatest gift a parent can give, because parents can give much more than a book. But I can just imagine how amazed anyone would be if their parents could plan and manage a secret for so many years.

I will now ask my parents to plan one too.
Better late than never.

She Thought She Was Getting A Cheesy Graduation Gift… And Then She Opened The Book
What is the greatest gift that a parent can give to their children?